Another question...cabled vest

You must think I am a real dunce, but here goes another question…

Pattern says:

I am really done knitting the vest, the front and back are done…here is what it says

K 14, BO14, Break yarn. With 2nd ball of yarn ( I have been using 2 balls of yarn, shaping the neck) , BO14, leave rem sts on the needle.

Join shoulders
Place the sts from the right back shoulder on a working needle. With the RS of piece facing each other, work a 3 neeld BO to join these sts to the corresponding Front sts.
Repeat for left shoulder
Sew side seams.
Work 1 round of single crochet around neckline and each armhole

I know how to do it, but it doesn’t make any sense to me…for one thing when you bind off, you have that one stitch left , do I just leave that like it is or bind it off too? what happens to these bound off stitches? I understand the back bound off stitches are the back of the neckline but these others in the front I don’t understand. Will it make sense when I join the shoulders?


You break the yarn and pull the end through the last remaining stitch when you are doing the 1st set of bind offs (k14, BO14), then you BO 14 and then knit 14, so since you are knitting more stitches after the BO on that side, you won’t have the 1 remaining stitch issue.

Then you’re going to match up the shoulders and work your shoulder seams using the live stitches you left on the needles on the front and back pieces.

but where do those bound off stitches fit in? I just can’t picture it…


The 14 BO on each shoulder edge form the front neck edge (under the collar in the pattern pic). They complete the neck from the center back.

[COLOR=“White”]vvvvv[/COLOR]F[COLOR=“White”]vvvvvv[/COLOR]neck[COLOR=“White”]vvvv [/COLOR] F

The ‘F’s’ are the BO sts on your front.