Another question about the circular shrug! Sorry, guys :P

I haven’t begun knitting this yet (first it was the mock rib stitch that had me confused!) and I am sooo confused about how to assemble it! How did it go from rectangular to circular, and where on earth to the armholes come in?! :shrug:

There are no “holes” per se for the arms. It’s all in the assembly of it. See the diagrams on the pattern? You fold, then seam to create the arms.

Okay, after looking at the pictures and my response, I decided to add more. You do start out with a rectangle. Holding the rectangle with the ribbed sections at the top and the bottom, fold it in half vertically. Now you are going to seam the sides of the rectangle. NOT along the ribbed edge, but the side edges. But you don’t seam all the way. You seam the rib, then 4 inches into the mock rib. By leaving the un seamed sections, you are creating the arm holes, and making your rectangle into a circle.

Does that make sense?

Gracias! :smiley: