Another question about slipped stitch edges

okay if I were to do this pattern:

Would I slip the first and last stitch?
instead of K2,p2 …
I would sl1, p2, K2, p2…end with k2,sl1? Is that right? then the next row would be the same except k the knits and p the purls, but still slip the first stitch on each end?

Slipping the stitches will help when I need to pick up the stitches won’t it? I have trouble seeing the stitch that I need to pick up at times…

Also when it says in inc 1 st each side this row, do you inc in the first stitch or the second, and if I am slipped the first stitch would I increase immediately in the next stitch???

I am so bad figuring things out. I can knit okay, but patterns confuse me.

Thanks for any help,

No slip stitching will not help you pick up from the edge!

if you slip stitch, you’ll have 1/2 the number of ‘edge stitches’
(200 rows, 100 edge stitches, and are like be required to pick up 150 stitches

normally you pick up 3 stitches for ever 4 rows of knitting. the exact number might vary (ie 156 or 144 instead of 150 stitches over 200 rows) but the ratio is pretty standard.

if you only have 100 slip stitches on an edge, picking up evenly is harder not easier!

practice–and remember, once you pick up the edge (even if it is a bit uneven) it is hidden. slight imperfections won’t be seen.

there are time when a slip stitch edge is the right edging…but too often, its used to hid poor knitting techniques.

learn to snug up the first stitch in ever row… this will do wonders for your knit edges… (alternately, try working first and last stitch in ever row in garter.)


you mean knit every first and last stitch, instead of purl when called for? Told you I am dense when it comes to instructions…

Just follow the pattern instructions in this case and you shouldn’t have any trouble picking up stitches.