Another question about a Chart


I have another question about a chart. When a chart shows “no stitch”, do you slip the stitch or just do the next square of the chart in the next stitch. The chart I’m working on is on Ravelry, “4. Checked waterlily 1” by Olga Jasnovidova. The chart shows filled in squares as a “no stitch”. I’m confused about what to do. The link to the pattern is, Thank you for all your help!!!

Terrie :knitting:

When it says “no stitch” that stitch is really not there on that row of the pattern, but is a place holder for something that will be added later (or maybe was already taken away), but it is needed to keep the chart even looking and usable. Just skip any and all “no stitches” and go over to the next stitch that is there and do what it says. To clarify what I’m saying, skip that stitch [B]on the chart[/B], not in your knitting.

The no stitch box means ‘there’s no stitch on your needles here’. So just skip the box and do whatever’s in the next one.

Thank you sooooo much!!!