Another preemie hat

Its a lemony hat. Hope it makes a family with a preemie smile :slight_smile:
Another one of those off the top of my head pattern

Very cute!

I was wondering if you knit since all I’d ever seen from you was stuff on your charity. :wink:

Aw! They’re gonna love it!

:thumbsup: Great job!

Yes, I knitted this for our charity :slight_smile: Thats what I do, knit for others. I have never knitted for myself. Even when I knitted before I started the charity I never knit for myself. Thats just me. Is it a problem showing pics of things I have made for our charity? :frowning:

No, of course not! You are welcome to share pictures of anything and everything you knit! I only commented because I had only seen a couple posts with knitting from you. :hug:

The majority of stuff I’ve knitted in the two years since I started has also gone to charity. I enjoy knitting and don’t have an grandkids to knit for so I make baby/kid stuff mostly, but I’ve also done adult hats.

Jan, I haven’t been a member here long and also am busy on our forum too, so I may not always post what I make. Sorry I am just confused is all by your post :aww: :teehee:


Cute hat!

Cute, hat. Your work is much appreciated.

Cute hat. I like to put “things” on the top of little hats too. My DD has been a little resistant so I have had to restrain myself. LOL