Another Potter Scarf (with picture)

Here is my Harry Potter Scarf (as always from The colors are a bit off since my apartment is a bit dark I had to use flash. I am using cashmillon rather than wool which still looks quite nice but without the itch factor. I am really not worried about it not being warm enough since it is knit on circular needles (first project using them by the way and they are so nice for just watching a movie and knitting because it is all the same), which means it is a tube and thus double the thickness!

maybe someone could help me, I seem to have a little trouble with the bbc code, does anyone know what I did wrong?

Flikr and yahoo do wierd things with their code. I just tried to upload an attachment, and I got this:

Sorry, but the maximum filesize for all Attachments is reached. Please contact the Board Administrator if you have questions.

whatever that means.
Anyways, try this:

thanks, yes when I uploaded my pic the first time I got the same error message, which was why I was trying to use the code I thought it would be better.

That scarf is beautiful!

:smiley: love it :thumbsup:

That looks great! :thumbsup:

Nice job!