Another plea for help

Some of you might have seen my previous request. This however, is a new video to try to get your knitting “diva” on reality tv! The video is here. Please go watch! If you want more details on the why, what, how, etc. go here.

Please watch, comment, rate the video on youtube and send it on to anyone you think will vote. I think it would be so cool to be knitting in front of millions!:muah:

i love that you pulled out a willie warmer in your video, and your training :teehee:

Lol! Yes, the willie warmer…thought it quite appropriate! I really needed to get my knitting on there since it is such a huge part of me.

This was just a little closer to my personality :wink: Still very difficult but it was fun too and even if nothing comes of it…well, had a fun day with my buds!

Done! Good luck, Cheryl!:cheering:

Done, again! Kick butt on the show, I’m sure you’ll get in.:hug:

I will if you send me a willie warmer. :teehee:

good luck to you. i watched and rated and commented. best wishes!

Done .You go girl!!!

Thanks everyone!

Mason…if you’ll actually wear it…I’ll knit it!

Nice job Cheryl. I do like this video much better than the other one. Way more personality in this one. Best of luck. I SOOOO want them to pick you!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Silver! Its still not even close to some of the other videos…but however goofy…it’s definitely me :teehee:

Just want to thank everyone again! So far the video got more than 700 views and I’m sure the majority of that is from KH :muah:

Me and my sister just watched and voted.

She LOVED your Wii training. :roflhard:

Thank you! That part was especially funny to me…I’ve never touched a Wii before so Jessica (the one taping) had to keep saying “hit a” about a hundred times.

The “training” parts of the video were meant as a joke. I should’ve mentioned I’ve been a runner for 13 years but it was hard to get everything said in just 10 mins!

OMG I can’t wait till you get on and WIN, because I have pictures of us together!!! I’ll be famous by association! (isn’t that selfish of me haha).
Good luck! :thumbsup)

ETA: i’m sure you in the bikini will help things along :wink:

This is my 1st ever comment on YouTube, i didn’t know you could rate, how do you do that?!

Kemp, I just read your email and saw the message on there and you know me…i was headed over here to tell everyone about it/you, but I was wise and saw that you had already started the thread:wink:
Woman, you are so gonna kick butt…you are intelligent, great personality, beautiful, athletic! I can see you doing each and every [I]whatever they have you do[/I]…well, with finesse, and all while you are knitting:teehee:

Good luck. You are photogenic and come across as a nice person without the kind of gross ego seen in so many of these types of applications etc. I have a producer friend and trust me, they get sick of the half naked audition tapes because too many do them and it becomes trite. They look for someone different and honest a lot of the time.

rebecca, you have to be a member of YT to comment and rate on their site (as far as I know).

Cheryl, I think you have a great personality and you will be perfect for the show.

I voted and foward the video to everyone on my email list.

Best of luck!!!:hug:

Thanks so much everyone! :muah: I really appreciate the support!