Another pattern question?

First of all I would like to thank everyone who has responded when I have asked questions. Each of you and Amy’s videos have helped me enormously. :heart:

Now I have another question about a poncho I’m making. This is my first project that is not a blanket or an afghan or a shawl or a scarf, so it’s quite a new area of knitting for me. The pattern is a free one from Bernat, which can be found [color=darkblue] here [/color]. At least I hope you can get to it for you must be registered or something or other to get the free patterns. If you search for it on their site, it’s called Denimstyle Turtleneck Poncho.

Even though there is a difference in many of the terms Canadians use, I’ve managed to decipher their directions except one of them in this pattern. I’m not even sure it’s a difference in their terms, but possibly a mistake in their directions.

Anyway the part that confuses me is the place where the turtleneck ribbing in the round is 10" long. The next instruction is “fasten off.” This is weird. How does one fasten off with 120 stitches on the needle? It’s not something I’ll be drawing up into a bunch. Shouldn’t this be something like bind of (cast off in Canadian) in K2, P2 ribbing? :??


First of all cute pattern and bravo for translating it!

I would assume fasten off to mean the same as cast off, bind off, etc. But I’m not Canadian so I can’t say for sure. If you’re finished with the turtle neck and that seems to be the last step I think you’re safe to cast off.

Yes, of course, bind off the stitches. :smiley: Good luck with your first poncho!

In defense of us Canadians ( :wink: ), I have never heard the term “fasten off”. Bind off, cast off, etc., but not fasten off.

Just curious, are there really that many differences between Canadian and American patterns?

(knitqueen - that is the cutest picture ever!!!)

My baby, he’s turning 2 on Friday. sniff sniff :heart:

Sorry I hope my message didn’t sound like something against Canadian knitting terms, knitqueen. I just needed to understand the differences. For instance, when I first downloaded the poncho pattern, I wondered what the numerous yfwd’s could mean in the context in which they’re used in this pattern. It didn’t make much sense to me.

So I searched around on the internet and one of the explanations of differences in knitting terminology I found is [color=darkblue]here[/color]. This is also a Bernat pattern and explains the yfwd (Canadian) to be American yo.

Unfortunately this same info is not at the Bernat site that I could find.

Thanks for the help, Suziehomemaker and Ingrid. I thought the fasten off should really be bind off, but I wanted to get a more expert opinion before I actually did it. :thumbsup: