Another Pattern Question - what do I do?

As you can tell, I’m kind of new at this, but LOVE it. My questions are probably pretty silly to some of you experts, but I appreciate your help.

I’m working on a baby afghan with a butterfly pattern. Here’s the 3rd row instruction exactly from the leaflet:

“3rd row: K5. yfwd. Sl1. K1. psso. K17. K2tog. yfwd. K5.”

My question is, I have about 150 stitches on my needle and the 3rd row instructions don’t cover that many stitches. It doesn’t state to repeat this pattern 3 times or 4 times or to work until the end of the row. Is that something the knitter should just know to do or assume?
At the beginning of the instructions prior to 1st row, it states: “Panel Pat (worked over 31 sts).” Not sure what that means either.


Is the pattern online and can you link to it? How many did you cast on originally? Is it worked in panels?

It’s called the Butterfly Blanket by Bernat. There were 153 cast on stitches and then I worked for the first 2 rows with no problem. It’s not worked in panels. I’m looking online for a link to the pattern so you can see it.

Unfortunately, the best I could do was provide a photo of the blanket on this link (blanket is on the bottom).

I guess I will just repeat the pattern to the end of the row and see what happens unless someone else might have some experience with this.

The sts you posted add up to 31 and if you repeat them 5 times you would need 155 sts. Is it possible that on row 2 you increased 2 sts so you could have them for Row 3?

Yes, there were increases made in Row 2. Thank you, Sue, for doing the math on this one. I believe I will just go ahead and knit away. From what I read in the booklet, Bernat is Canadian and their abbreviations are a little different than U.S. I’m new at this, but their instructions seem particularly confusing. Thanks again!

The only difference in abbreviations is that they use the British yfwd for YO. At least that I can see.