Another pattern question--cabled vest

I posted a question a few days back about this pattern:

Anyway I am to the shape neck

shape neck
K19, Cable Patt 9. Join a new ball of yarn and compete row with second ball. Cont. in pattern, making sure tokeep your 2 sides separated by knitting the left front with the first ball of yarn and the right front with the second.
Work even in patt. until 21 inches for beg, ending with RS facing.

Cable pattern:
Rows 1, 3, 7: P2, K6, P2, K6, P2
Row 2 and all WS rows? K2, P6, K2, P6, K2
Row 5: P2, C6B, P2, C6F, P2
Row9: Repeat row 5
Row 11,13,15: Repeat row 1
Row 16: K2,P6,K2,P6,K2

Repeat rows 5 through 16 to work the cable pattern.

My question is…When it says to K19, Cable Patt 9, do I do the whole cable pattern, P2, C6B, P2, C6F, P2? Does it mean start with row 9? Won’t that put too many stitches on one side of the neck…I don’t get it! And to continue in pattern then do they mean start with row 9-16 after that or still 5-16??? I am so confused again and I was going along so well…

Thanks for any help…

When a pattern reads rib 9, or patt 9, it means to work the ribbing or pattern st over 9 sts. So this one would also mean to work 9 sts of the cable pattern. Everyone’s measurement (Work even in patt until X inches from beg,) may not put everyone at the same point in the cable pattern so it’s a little more ambiguous. It should match up with the cable sts that you’ve had going on. Knit your sts then p2, work 6 according to what row in the cable pattern you’re on, p1, add a new ball of yarn, then cont the pattern - p1, work 6 etc until the end of the row.

So I won’t particularily do the cable row, just work 9 stitches of whatever row I am on? Don’t change to the cable row, right? Am I understanding you right?

It seems to read that you knit 19 sts, do the first 9 sts of the cable pattern [B]add a new ball of yarn and finish the rest of the row in the cable pattern.[/B] You’ve already been doing this on the front - knit X sts, then work the cable pattern. The pattern is over 18 sts - you work half of them on one side of the neck, the other half on the other side, then knit the row. You’re splitting the cable for the V neck is all.

I am sorry to seem so dense, but I am starting row 11, so do Ijust continue on row 11 or do I do row 5, which is the row I make the cable stitch? Or do I just continue in pattern?
What throws me off is the pattern saying Cable Pattern 9, which makes me think Ineed to be doing the cable

No, if your next row in the cable pattern is row 11, that’s what row you should do.

They are just splitting the sweater for the v-neck and the cable pattern so it will run up each side of the v-neck opening. You need to stay in the cable pattern on the correct row so the cable continues to flow properly.

Thanks you all for helping me out! I am so dense when it comes to patterns!