Another newby question

I’m embarrassed to ask this one, it’s so basic. I’m making a baby sweater and I’m getting close to finishing the back. It needs to be 12" but do I measure from where the work hangs off the needle or do I include the loops still attached to the needle? The needles are large so the difference in measurement would be significant.

:thinking: Only my opinion, but I think measure the ones on the needle as well…even if you are going to cast off that last row, doing so would add length to the piece. If you’re in no hurry, wait to see if Ingrid responds. I get the impression she is the technical question master :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

I dont count the loops on the needle…most patterns tell you to knit for so many inches THEN do something else, whether it be cast off or change pattern. In fact, I remember one pattern TELLING me to measure from the cast-on edge to just under the needle.

Good point Kelly…what does the pattern say exactly viki…knit for approximately 12", knit for 12" then something…etc. etc. ?

Oh, gee. The pressure’s on. :shock: Kelly beat me to it this time. :happydance: Measure from the needle down.

And I thought this was an easy question :smiley: The instructions say “work until total length measures 14 inches, ending with a WS row. Place sts on a stitch holder” Would “total” mean the needle too?

I’m with Kelly and Ingrid. Do not measure the needle. Measure up to but not including the needle.

They’re telling you to measure your knitting, so you measure what you’ve already knitted. The stuff on the needle gets included either where you pick up the held stitches or in your bind off. :smiley:

Thanks y’all. With all your help, I know this sweater will get finished. I’ll be back soon with my next question. :blush:

You learn something new every day, eh! I always included the sts on the needle. Maybe that’s why my sweater from the big book of knitting sweaters didn’t fit me even though my gauge was correct … I was measuring incorrectly. sigh … :rollseyes: