Another Newbie!

Thought I’d say hello! I’ve been lurking for a few days and have decided that this is a great place to learn, brainstorm, pick brians, etc.

Alittle about me: I’m one of the few guys who have taken up knitting!! I live in San Francisco. Started knitting a few years ago but put it down when moving to California from Montana. Now, after finding Amy’s site, I’ve got the bug again and have ordered supplies and yarn!

Right now I’m just practicing with scarfs and little swatches, but plan on making some baby stuff for a friend that has just desided to start trying to have a baby (so I’ll have some time to get as good as you all :wink: ).


Welcome Wes! We have several guys here, so you won’t be alone. In the minority for sure, but not alone! :rofling:

Welcome to the board! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! There are a lot of helpful people here :smiley:

Welcome! Nice to have another guy here! I’m fairly new here and can tell you this forum is a godsend! :wink: :XX:

Welcome to the forum!! :cheering:

Thank you all so much for the worm welcome!! I’m sure you will be answering my questions soon!


:waving: Welcome Wes…come on in, grab some fiber and sticks and let’s have some fun :thumbsup:

welcome fellow guy knitter! i take any opportunity i can to plug this season’s issue of Knit.1 magazine, which is the men’s issue. (I plug more because Vickie Howell is in it and I heart her, but there are some great guy patterns in there. I want to make almost all of them) I also came across this yesterday: Man Enough to Knit, Strong Enough to Purl It doesn’t look like it’s been updated recently, but they did come out with a free online guy knitter magazine. Ladies, you might want to check that out too, there’s some neat free patterns in there! And here’s one more guy knitter site Men Who Knit Plugging complete. :wink:

I am fairly new to the forum myself, but have been reaping the benefits of this awesome site for some time! This is a great bunch of people!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


:cheering: Welcome, I’m fairly new too - this is a great place!!!

whohoooo :cheering: :cheering:
Another one… we are growing in numbers :slight_smile:

welcome ma man :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay