Another Newbie Question

You guys are probably sooo tired of getting newbie questions
sorry :??

I am just learning to knit and have watched the videos wich are
awesome and very helpful. My question is this… I am knitting a dog sweater and the patter says to "Cast on 3 sts. Work
in ribbing, K1, P1 across row. At the beg and end of every
row inc 1 st for 12 times.

How do I increase at the beginning and end of every row and still keep the same K1 P1 pattern? I’ve watched the increasing
videos but am still at a lost of what method to use.

I would appreciate any and all help.

If I were doing an increase at the ends of a ribbing pattern, I would probably just knit or purl in to the front and back of the last stitch, whichever the particular stitch is, and then incorporate it into the rib pattern on the next row.

Thank you very much. I figured it out and got it done.