Another newbie question: winding

In what instances will I have to wind the yarn? Do you always wind it? :??

i almost always do because i don’t like the surprises that sometimes come when pulling it from the prewound skein. i like to know if there are knots and such in the middle of my yarn. also with a yarn winder, it is kinda fun to wind it! :wink:

if it is in a hank though you must wind it or you will end up with a knot. if it is already a center pull skein you don’t have to…i just like to unless the skein is too big…then i just leave it alone.

(somehow i don’t think that helped…lol)

No, that definitely helped, thanks!

I had a surprise in the middle of the skein. I started on my first project, the dishcloth", something that I could compare it to when I finished and in the middle of pulling from out the center I got a big ol’ kinky ball of mess :frog: . I sure wish I could’ve sprayed some detangler on it rather than undoing it myself. I guess I will wind from now on. I can only imagaine how frustrated I would’ve been if it were a bigger project!