Another needle size question

:shrug: My pattern calls for size 7 needles using 100%cotton for washclothes. I don’t have size 7 but have 7 1/2 or a size 6. What would you do? It’s the washclothes w/the initals knitted in.

you have a size 7 1/2 needle? :?? hrmm…

Anyway it doesn’t really matter i don’t think. if you use a 6 the washcloth will be slightly smaller, if you use 7.5 it will be slightly bigger. either way, it is just a washcloth so it doesn’t really make a big difference. not wearing it ya know… :thumbsup:

Maybe she’s talking mms?


:teehee: I know…I know…but the perfectionist in me wants them perfect as they are for Christmas gifts. I can always rip out what I don’t like as you say they’re only washcloths. :aww: