Another neckline gap question

Happy Summer! (not that you could tell from my local weather!)

My neckline shaping question, on the right half of a cartigan:
My pattern says to BO 9 stitches initially, then decrease 1 stitch every RS row a few times. In case it is relevant, I’m decreasing with SSK after the edge stitch.

I noticed that there is a little gap under the ‘corner’ edge stitch, where the neckline transitions from the BO stitches to the first decrease row. I think this gap is under the 10th stitch from the BO row but I’m not sure. Anyway, when I go to pick up stitches for the collar everything looks good except that one spot. Maybe I just need to keep that 10th stitch tighter? Anyone else have this problem?



It happens. On the next row, slip the last BO stitch instead of knitting it. Better yet, make that your decrease stitch.