Another Mitten question

I’m still at the “decrease for thumb” section. Pattern says: K21, cast on 3sts, K rem 18sts.

My question is after I cast on 3sts do I knit those sts or skip them and knit the rem sts? :shrug:

I went ahead and just knitted the 3 new sts, but it doesn’t seem to make sense looking at it. Now it’s just a little glob of sts right there. Looks odd. :??

Thanks for your time.

no consider those already knitted for this round and then do whatever you normally would when you come back around (presumably knit them)

Thank You!! Now I can continue… whew xxx

Okay… now I’m at the point where I’ve cast off 19sts and k11. Now I’m supposed to cast on 19. That’s where I’m stuck.

I’m down to only 2 needles instead of 3 and the right needle has the working yarn on it. So how do I go about casting on now?? :?? This must be a very basic question, but I have tried everything I can think of. I’ve finally gotten this far and am a little afraid to mess it up now.

I know you all are so patient with us newbies. I really do appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

If you’re holding the needle with the working yarn in your right hand you can use backward loop to cast on, directly onto the right needle. You will find a video for that on this page if you’re unsure.

Thank you! that is sooo easy. I have never learned that way of casting on, but it sure makes this project a little less daunting.


You’re welcome. :smiley: