ANOTHER Mini-Clapotis

This one is for my mom. I used Brooks Farms FourPlay in Mission Red.

Full Scarf
Knit Side
Purl Side
Ready To Ship

FourPlay is a lovely yarn - I have some on the needles right now for a moebius scarf.

Just gorgeous! :inlove: She will :heart: it!

WOW - It looks wonderful!

That is so pretty!

It’s really beautiful…luscious.

I must, however, cop to my ignorance:

Exactly what is a Clapotis? I’ve seen many a pic and they are lovely scarf/shawl type things…but what makes them specificall a clapotis isntead of a scarf/shawl? Is it a particular stitch pattern common to them all? Or the way you knit it, with the increases and sort of corner to corner or something? I’m curious…and dying to eventually knit one (For ME! imagine that!) as soon as I finish all these gosh durn projects currently in limbo.

Lovely work! Your stitches are so even and beautiful!

I must be a rebel, because I’m not attracted to making the Clapotis design. But, I’m not that “hip” either. I wear very common, everyday clothes…so I guess I’m a bore. I was amazed when I found Clapotis Clubs on yahoo groups! That design is so freakin popular right now…but just not for me.

Here’s a link to the pattern. I have no idea why they call it Clapotis, but then I have no idea how Knitty comes up with any of their wacky pattern names. :lol:

How did you make it smaller? The pattern itself doesnt seem to be beyond me (well I guess that remains to be seen, eh?) but I would like it smaller than the stated size and in looking at the pattern do not have a clue as to how to re-size!

The end of the pattern tells you how to make adjustments.

I worked less increase rows than the pattern stated. Instead of 6 repeats of increase rows 1-12, I only worked 3.

Gorgeous color!

Oh, your clappie is GORGEOUS!!! :heart:


Ah I get it now!

Great! Now get started!

That looks amazing!