Another Male Knitter Question

My dh actually asked me this. Do male knitters have huge stashes like female knitters? Hmmm. Even though dh has several different hobbies, he isn’t apt to hoard or stash things “just in case” or for “future projects.” He buys what he needs when he needs it. He has all kinds of tools and consumable supplies (such as glue that he can’t just buy a single use of) but as far as project supplies, it is just what he has at the moment. So for his model railroading he doesn’t have a ton of foilage moss hanging around or pieces of uncut boards or kits for cars or buildings. If he wants to add on he just goes and gets what he needs, builds it and he’s done. So he was wondering if male knitters were the same with their knitting. Do they have a huge stash with no projects associated with them or lots of future projects stored up or do they buy “per project” like he does with his model railroading?

So 'fess up, boys. What’s your stash like?

My husband doesn’t work that way. He has tons of just in case supplies. That being said we live in the country and his hobby is his shop. He’s even made a living out it when jobs were hard to come by here. Now we’re winding down towards retirement and a lot of his stash of metal, nuts, bolts etc, are no longer needed, but he’s having trouble letting go.

are men more hoarders than women , my husband always say well we might need it sometime, i clear out often, i hate clutter

What a [I]great [/I]question!! I’ll be tuning in to see what all the men say. When I was married, he was a musician and he was always buying things to have a backup. “You never know when my amp is going to blow up or my strings will break” At one time, he had about 10 guitars. The real kicker was the grief I’d get for “having too much yarn”. Go figure…
(confession- now that I’m single I have a much smaller stash… oh the psychological implications of that hornet’s nest :roflhard: )

My husband barely even goes fishing, but he has every single material for tying flies known to man. Lots of different weights and lines. Plus several reels and poles. Apparently they do different things, or so I’ve been lead to believe, lol. He would have more if he weren’t in law school at the moment and feeling guilty for not having a job (he worked a year after his Phd, then realized he’d rather be a lawyer).

When his hobby was photography, he got a whole mess of lenses for the camera.

When it was golf, we had billions of golf balls, tees, little devices for improving putting. Only one set of clubs because he gave it up in favor of fishing. Once he’s a lawyer, I expect him to pick it up again, and start a pretty impressive collection of clubs.

I don’t think stashing is a man/woman thing :mrgreen:

Well I have a small stash of yarn that isn’t going to any particular project, but most of the stash that I do have is already queued up for each project I do. At this point I’d say the content would be roughly 70% planned and 30% unplanned.

Bip… if it weren’t for the lawyer thing… I would think we were married to the same guy!!!:rofl:

My DH collects diecast car models and assembles plastic models and he likes “to work” on his models, so we have tons of little boxes containing anything he might need for that. I don’t mind :teehee: So he doesn’t mind my knitting stash.

With my husband it is computer supplies. I lost track of how many monitors we have right now *and how “few” actually work. He must have at least 15 keyboards and I know a couple of them don’t work. Throw them away? no way. He might “need” them someday. For what? no one will ever know. He has cords, power supply packs, old memory boards they are the wrong shape and fit in nothing new, wires, old program cd-roms, floppy discs, he still has packs from Windows 95 and before that aren’t even open. Will he ever use those old programs? I doubt it, but they will never end up in any garbage can either.

My knitting stash is much smaller than his computer parts stash. lol

Great thread! Can’t wait to see what Mason adds to it. Wonder if his inside wheel wells have yarn stashed in them.

:teehee: :teehee:

Wow, are you married to my husband’s long lost triplet? He’s a twin and his brother is the same way. Just wondering if there’s a third we never knew about!


I think as far as stash goes it depends more on personality then gender. Some guys have huge stashes, some have none. I happen to have a moderate stash - mostly lace weight. (okay - some people may not consider 45 lbs of lace-weight to be “moderate”)

And there are women across the entire spectrum of stash size as well. I knew one woman who was constantly giving me yarns because she couldn’t stand to have ANY stash - nothing but her current project. And if she finished and had any left over - she gave it away.


Great thread. I wish I could say my husband has a stash of something useless. If anything I’d say it’s ethernet cable - what can we possibly need hundreds of feet of ethernet cable for now that wireless has been invented?? I keep telling him that I am working on projects using my stash but he doesn’t believe me since the stash never seems to get smaller - which is probably true because I just can resist the squishy goodnes of yarn.

:eyes: 45 POUNDS of lace weight? I’d hate to see what you think is a large stash! :roflhard:

45 POUNDS of lace weight? I’d hate to see what you think is a large stash!
Me too!

My DH is a Civil War re-enactor. Talk about stash. Then there are all the unbuilt military models, and let’s not forget all the little metal 54mm figures of historical military people. We’ve got everything from early Romans to Viet Nam figures. One of these days, when he’s in his dotage, I’ll come in to find them all lined up in regiment, with him giving them marching orders. I know this. :shock:

well - it is mostly in lb cones; though have three 2 lb cones. Doesn’t take long to add up.

MMario - real men knit lace.

Hey, you’ll thank him when we all suddenly get beamed back to 1995! :rofl:

(I saved my shoulder pads for that exact potentiality)

Is it 45 pounds because you stash it at the bottom of your aquarium, so it’s soaking wet?

Totally. I had to buy a huge “under the bed” storage boxes for my spare yarn and that’s only the half of it. It’s going to drive my g/f crazy when we move in together.