Another MagKnits question

I am about to start the “Right Edge Triange” in Tier 1 and it says to pick up 10 stitches then turn, BUT this is stated earlier in the pattern notes:

"When starting the first Right Side Triangle and all Top Triangles, the one st remaining on the needle from the previous triangle will count as the first of the 10 total sts you will need to pick up. "

I don’t have any stitches left over from the previous triangle on my right kneedle. I have exactly 10 stitches for that last Wrong Side Triangle I did.

Do I still pick up 10 stitches or should I pick up 9 stitches?


There should be one stitch leftover from the decreasing you did; that’s the one leftover st they’re talking about. Which magknits pattern, or is it one from knitty?

It is this one aqnd I don’t have any stitches left over.

Oh yes, I’d forgotten that pattern. What did you do at the end of the Wrong Side triangle that you don’t have a stitch left? There should be one on the needle from the last p2tog.

I don’t know. :-/ I thought I was following the pattern right. I picked up 10 stitches and worked them as the pattern says for Wrong Side Triangle (8 times) and I never had any left over stitches on any of them when I finished. Only had 10 stitches on the needle from that triangle (plus the other stitches I had from the other triangles I did) but I don’t have any extra stitches and if I were to use one of the 10 stitches from the other triangle I would only have 9 stitches left and I think that would be wrong.

Hmmmm, you wouldn’t happen to be able to post a picture?

Yes, I just took a picture thinking it might help you. And if it helps I continental knit.

This is the last Wrong Side Triangle I did.

You may have picked up your stitches from the wrong spot. After you finished the WS triangle, you would pick up the sts from the triangle over on the right side of the picture. I think.

Yeah, that is the triangle that I was going to pick up the stitches from. It says to pick up 10 but earlier in the notes it says that the left over stitches counts as the first of the 10 stitches to be picked up but I don’t have any left over stitches. Should I still pick up 10 or 9?

Somehow, your stitches didn’t decrease on the block you just did. You may have to do it over again so you’re left with one st. Orrrr, this pattern is done differently than other entrelac ones I’ve worked and I’m wrong. I may have to work this out on the needles…

So, I should have had 11 stitches on the needles rather than 10 when I started this triangle? If that is the case then ALL 8 of my Wrong Side triangles are wrong because I picked up 10 stitches as called for and never had 11 stitches when finished with the triangle. sigh

If you can hang on until this evening, I might be able to knit up the first tier and figure it out.

Thanks! I won’t be able to knit until this evening anyway because I have a very needy attentive 4 month old to take care of right now. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember if I had one left over from the first edge triangle I did, but I KNOW when I did a repeat of tier 1 that there was one stitch left on the needle. I’m almost done with my second repeat of tier 2 now. It might help to frog that one rectangle to try over again. If you end up doing that, just make sure you seperate the p2tog’s rather than just ripping the thread out.

So I should have 11 stitches on the last triangle before picking up the stitches for the Right Edge Triangle?

Should I have had 11 stitches on ALL the Wrong Side Triangles that I’ve done thus far or just this last one?

Ok, I backed out of the last wrong side rectangle and this is before I pick up the 10 stitches. This is on the wrong side of the work like it states to pick up on.

After I’ve picked up the 10 stitches to do the last Wrong side Rectangle. Still on the ws.

This is after I’ve “Sl 1 st from the right needle to the left needle, p2tog, turn.”

This is after I’ve “Row A: K10, turn.
Row B: Sl 1, (p1, k1) 4 times, p2tog, turn.” one time. I don’t want to go any further and it not be right. This is what I did on all the WS Rectangles.

Hopefully this will help you see if I am doing it right.

Okay, that didn’t take as long as I thought, though I only CO 30 sts. Ignore the note “When starting the first Right Side Triangle…” because that’s not true for the first one. Maybe when you [B]end[/B] it and start the RS Rectangle. Come to think of it, that could be a typo and it means when you start the RS [B]Rectangle[/B], not Triangle. So go from where you are, pick up 10 sts from the side of the end triangle and finish it up. Then when you end that, you’ll have 1 st left and you would pick up only 9 sts for the rectangle.

Ok I think I understand. I’ll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks for all your help!

I got it! Thank you again for all your help! Hopefully I’ll only have to post a completed picture post and not more needing help posts.

You rock!

Oh good! I wondered how it went for you.