Another magic loop question

Ok, I’m this close to getting where I need to incorporate magic loop for a stockinette hat I didn’t want to work straight. (pesky seaming!)

I know that on DPNs, you have to be wary of “laddering” with the needle changes. Is this a problem with magic loop and/or is there anything to be done to prevent it?

Thanks so much!!!

I find it MUCH easier to get those ‘join’ stitches tight enough using magic loop vs. dpns. Have you done magic loop before? My only advice, if you haven’t done magic loop before, is to make sure your circular needle is VERY long. For socks, I won’t use anything shorter than a 40" circular, and for a hat I’d use one even longer.

I didn’t have any trouble with ladders using magic loop or double circs whereas I had MAJOR problems with them using DPNs.

oh dear, i don’t have circulars near that long in the right size… well, poop! do i a) switch from 9 circs to 7 DPNs to finish or b) switch to REALLY long 10-1/2 for magic loop? i can’t buy more needles right now, just can’t. teehee

You could use two circular needles as an option. They don’t have to be extra long or anything. Even if you only have one size of tips for the size needle you need, if you have an interchangeable set you can put two different size tips on one cable and still do it, by doing the actual knitting with the correctly sized tip.
Amy posted how to do this somewhere; I think it was under “cool things you can do with your interchangeable needles” or something.