Another little thing & too soon old, too late smart

See my wrister below. I have arthritis complicated by another weird, unidentified condition in my right arm. Thought a wrister would help & found a pattern in Creative Knitting for wristers in three yarn weights. Figured bulky would work fast, & -FOUND BULKY TAPESTRY YARN in my needlepoint stash (mind you, DMC spun in France bulky wool, at 79cents ea), :cool: & knitted a wrister. & FOUND that my gramma was right. :noway: One should not “knit with the fingers” but with the needles (meaning: do not push, pull or otherwise “finger” the yarn; USE THE NEEDLES). She kept telling me I was forming the stitch properly & did not need to push-pull the yarn, but I guess I did not have faith… But now, being unable to extend my index finger, I found myself purling (continental style) without finger movements! Now my husband’s sweater is getting finished a lot faster!

A comment on myself - why am I able to remember everything my grandmother told me about knitting when I was 8 & 9 yrs old, but cannot remember where I put my glasses half an hour ago?!?

Well technically it’s because your Grandmother’s sayings are in your long term memory, and the position of your glasses is haphazardly stored in your short term memory. :cool:

I’m sorry to hear of your arthritis, but I’m glad you’re still casting on and working through it. :smiley: That’s a nice wrister as well, brava.

Knit only with the needles? I can’t even begin to understand. :frowning:

:teehee: Good question!

Looks nice!


It looks great!! :thumbsup:

Wrist warmer looks great! I have yet to find a way to purl continental without moving my left fingers.

I like your wrister! Hope to have a pair of them in Mmmmmabrigo for next fall/winter.

If you hold the yarn correctly, you don’t have to move your left index finger. I’ve taught a few people to knit using the Continental style, but can only show them, not explain it. I too have arthritis, actually on disability because of it, and if my index finger had to move, knitting would be out.

Thanks for the info! Tee Hee! Not about that you hurt your finger…but you write with a good sense of humor! The wrister looks fabulous, BTW! :thumbsup: