Another little circular needle question

Anyone ever used these?

I’ve never used them. But what baffles me is that I couldn’t find a review on them anywhere either. :??


I’ve never heard of them either. :shrug:

I have a sneaking suspicion that those “acrylic” cords would be a problem. I haven’t used them though so it’s only a thought.

Me too. I am a member of another board and someone was asking. Thanks!!

it look to me the joint from the nylon cable and the needle is not too smooth …if you are a tight knitter you might have a problem …it got to be new in the market…this is the first time i come across them

No, but, can I comment that those cables look KINKY???

Those circ needle cases shown on the same page for $42!!! EEEK.

Below is a link to an Ebay shop. These cases sell for as little as $15, same style, in a multitude of fabrics and optional styles! I have purchased 2 circ cases, 2 combo cases, and 2 dp/crochet hook cases! They are fabulous and so is the girl that makes them, Sara Milliron. Her quality is excellent and she ships the next day. I receive my needle cases in about 3 days…and I live waaay across the USA from her!

What kinda “kinky” are we talkin bout here? :teehee: