Another Lexi Dress

Here’s a little dress and shrug I knitted for Lexi. The dress is sparkly yarn called Patons Brilliant, in gold and red. I had it from a clearance at Michaels since last post-Christmas sales. The shrug is Patons Allure, sort of a furry fuzzy thing. I was anxious about the gauge, but figured out the dimensions from their gauge chart and just sort of knitted by measurements. It worked out ok. She has whiskers because we just came from the Halloween trunk-or-treat at our church. The best part is that I got her some red shoes to go with the outfit.

I love them! She looks so adorable in her new dress and shrug :slight_smile:

Awwwwww! What a beautiful dress!

Cute dress and shrug. Lexi looks beautiful and very happy in her new outfit. Have you got any patterns you can link to or instructions how you made the dress.

All are adorable!! Love the tan and red together and she is just too cute!

Aww, so cute! I love the little dress!

Very cute and so is Lexi.

aww what a cutie!! You did a great job on the dress and shrug she looks very happy!! :happydance:

here is the link to the shrug:

and the dress is from a site called

It’s called the fairytale dress and is a free pattern.

Oh My how cute ! I wish i was that small so you could make one for me :slight_smile:

I know I have said this before somewhere, but I cannot get over how many free patterns there are around! I really appreciate everyone puting the links on. We have one little shop here in Kaitaia that sells about 20 different sorts of wool, mostly cheaper acrylic, or baby wool in pink, blue and white in a corner of the shop, and there is only one book of pattern leaflets.

I am quite new to the WWW and am blown away by the info etc available.

And the people on this site seem to know where to find a pattern for just about anything you could want to make. I’ve been amazed at the links that our “experts” are providing all the time.

How adorable. Lexi is a sweetheart.

Meeoow! That is a pretty glamorous outfit Grandma. Nice job.

Hi Gramma Lori!

Well done! And what an adorable child Lexi is!!! :heart: Thanks for sharing your little beauty with us!

Thank you all. On this dress and another one as well, I used an increase that was explained here:

after someone on the forum mentioned it. It really is a nice invisible increase. When I can get some help from my techie DH, I want to post a really close up view of the invisible increase. In a sea of stockinette stitching you don’t always like the interruption of a standard increase or even M1. I was so happy to learn this other way.

Aw, what a beautiful dress! And I love the colours.

she’s a cutie and the outfit is adorable

This outfit is just toooo cute! And it fits her very well!
Great work!! I would also like to know the pattern information!

Pattern links are in box #9 on this thread! Thanks.