Another knitting back ? dealing with entrelac


I am trying a basic entrelac pattern and need help with the knitting back portion. I watched the video and understand how to do it, but I am having problems slipping the stitch when knitting back. The pattern that I am following says to

knit 2 st, turn.
Slip 1 st, p 2 st, turn

Since I am doing the knitting back thing on the purl rows, I am unsure of how to slip it. I think my stitch is getting twisted the way I am doing it- I wasn’t sure if there was something I should be doing differently.

I hope this makes sense- I have only been knitting a month and a half and don’t necessarily use the right terminology to get my point made correctly.


Slip it as if you are going to purl it–the stitch won’t get twisted.

What video did you watch? Did you watch EZ’s knitting glossary?

Thanks for such a fast response!

Ingrid- I come in from the top of the stitch then? Is that what you mean? And then I resume the knitting back or knitting backward or whatever?

Rebecca- I just meant that I watched Amy’s video here on that deals with knitting back. I only wish I could find a video on entrelac!



Insert your needle as if you were going to purl it and then slip it. I’m not quite sure what you mean by the ‘top’ of the stitch. Then just purl the next two and turn.