Another knitted hat for donation

I made this today… (Saturday)… I used a acrylic tweedy/ color changing yarn mixed w/ some really cheap and rough feeling mohair that I got for a CHEAP, CHEAP price… I bought it thinking that I could find a use for it sometime…

AND, mixed together the mohair makes the hat look and feel all soft and fluffy and it will now make the acrylic yarn a warm hat for some child in Afghanistan.

Cute! I really like it. looks itchy though> what kind of yarn is it?

100% acrylic yarn (it’s the different colored yarn and it’s soft) and the light seafoam blue/green is a mohair (wool) yarn…

I love the color, I’m sure the child in Afghanistan will love it! What program do you send it through?

Btw I just looked at your blog, I love it! I really like the knitted scarfette you made

That looks wonderful…love the color! :inlove:

Nice job! That blue is so pretty! :inlove:

Pretty color.

NICE WORK!!!:muah: I like the pattern you used. Just adorable

Thanks all… The added blue mohair just makes the hat have a soft fuzzy sheen all about it.

Cafe- I have an address for a military unit in Afghanistan and they just give the items directly to the children/adults in need. Sometimes street kids, orphanages, schools, hospitals, refugee camps/etc. I use them… mostly because I work for the US Military… but, there’s no middle man… no specific rules (well no shorts or swimsuits- since, they don’t wear that type of clothing- but, that’s common sense). This way, the items get to those in need immediately. They (the military) go out on patrols and humanitarian missions all the time. And, this is true no matter where they are stationed-- it’s just not something that the news reports on and the guys/gals aren’t doing this sort of stuff to be noticed anyway.

Last year, I was working at an elementary school and I sent an email out-- to the staff… to send to my classroom any left over crayons, school supplies/etc… and that when school was out I’d gather it all up and mail it to Afghanistan. We collected and mailed 21 boxes of ‘un-needed’ school supplies… things left behind, things partly used (but, still good), and some new things from teacher’s moving and not wanting to haul these items with them/etc.

This fall, since I had the tendon injury (I did put in a request on the charity board to see if anyone wanted to knit a hat since I felt bad that I couldn’t knit any this year- but, I think people already had projects that they were working on and weren’t interested??)
and I couldn’t knit… I went to one of the markets and bought 48 packages of mittens/gloves to send over there… A box full of mittens and gloves in all sorts of sizes. I bet they were pretty excited to open that box up. They take items (used or new) for the seaons that it’s needed.

:thumbsup: it looks great!!

Oh, it’s BEAUTIFUL!! I love the yarn combination, its gorgeous-I just wanna squeeze it and rub my face on it :teehee:

I had a knitting lesson w/ the friend that I’m teaching how to knit yesterday and then another one of our co-workers (who knits) came by where we were eating lunch and knitting… and they all oohed nad aahed over the little hat.:aww:

I was also also able to teach the one who already knows how to knit how to do ‘mattress seaming’ so her stitched together seams doesn’t show. *She’s knitted for years she told me- but, hadn’t extended her knitting skills a lot.

I love the idea of the school supplies! Our chairty with in our children’s division does this and that is our challenge going on right now. I love the fact however that you are sending to children overseas’s this is awesome to me and I am in hopes that HAIN can one day do this in a much larger way. Your post inspires me so much!!! :muah:

Yes, since I am a school teacher… I thought that the schools needed all the help that they could have. I’m sure that they have very little to use in their schools.

I do know from our military connection-- that they have so few schools… that the students have to take turns using the buildings for only 2-3 hours per day… smaller children for a few hours, then older children. So, they don’t go to school for several hours like American (and other) children do. They can’t go to school in the winter time because they don’t have heat in their schools.

So, I do hope that the boxes that we sent, last June, did make a difference?

The yarns look great together. The hat looks nice and warm.

The colors look beautiful! Nice job on the hat. :slight_smile: