Another Kitty!

Hey ! Just got done with another kitty! This kitty’s name is Bootsy and is on his way to Ohio. My real kitty took a liking to this one lol.

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Both kitties are adorable!!

Love both of them! :thumbsup:

I love it! Is the pattern online?? I’d love to have that one!

Nevermind…I found it in your old post. Too cute!

this is the pattern i used. the only thing i changed was the ears because i wasn’t too keen on the pattern’s ears. and i used graph paper and sketched out eyes and a mouth so i could knit those on instead of sewing them on.

Spooky! I love this cat! Those black stripes! I love them! Hes my favorite one so far. How many more do you plan to do?

Very cool!

Great job! Both cats are cute!

Too cute!

Too, too cute :wink:

Awww! I :heart: it!

I usually make them whenever I am asked. People ususally tell me what their kitty looks like and I make it, then mail it to them. I think I have made 9 so far, but Im sure I’ll make more when I meet someone with a new kitty.

Thank you guys for looking!!! You’ve made my day !!! :heart: :heart:

I can just hear your cat thinking, “I have that creepy feeling like I’m being watched!”

Adorable! My mom has something similar to this but it’s filled with sand or something and is used as a door stop…she’s looking for another one. I told her I could probably manage a large square or something…but I’m not so sure about a kitty!! LOL! Great work!


I :heart: them both…they’re too cute!!

Adorable! These are the kinds of gifts that people appreciate so much…money can’t buy this type of thing!!


Ohhhhh…I love the kitties!!! What a fun project!

The kitties are very cute! Only cats we have go on two tracs LOL, although I think the neighbor cat has adopted us.

Mama Bear