Another Kidlet Tank

:smiley: Today I finished the Kidlet Tank for my granddaughter’s birthday. This is the 1st item that I am knitting for the Knitting World Cup; I have a few more things to do which make up our team, “Summer Ensemble.” This is fun knitting with others during the KWC, and I’m getting my granddaughter’s birthday gifts taken care of, too!
Oh, I happened to use the same yarn that Jackie used on her Kidlet top! TLC Cotton Plus, it’s very soft & I thing an ideal yarn for toddlets :wink: I also added a checkerboard band in contrasting color. I’m now knitting “Short Snort Girlfriend Tank” and hope to be done in a day or 2 :wink:

Looks great Rebecca - great colors!

Cute! :thumbsup:

Love the blue! Great job.

That is adorable Rebecca and I love the colors!!

That’s the same yarn I used for my dd’s tank earlier this year! Isn’t it great?

Love the top, it’s so cute! :heart:

That cornflower blue matches really well with the Thistle! :inlove: I like the checkerboard pattern. :thumbsup: Isn’t it funny how all the Kidlet tanks on the forum have been modified in some way! :lol: Angelia put a cable down the middle, I converted my first one into a V-neck, and now you have the checkerboard pattern!

Nice job!! Can’t wait to see your Short Snort Tank in that Wick yarn. :smiley:

:smiley: Thanks everyone! Gotta love knitting for toddlets…get done in a couple of days :smiley:
I love this Wick yarn, although, 2 skeins aren’t going to be enough for the tank (it would be too short IMHO) so I just ordered another, so I won’t be done with the Short Snort tomorrow.

Wow, that looks beautiful, great job!

It’s darling, Rebecca; and you’re off to a great start on the World Cup knitting! :thumbsup:

So pretty! I really love those colors!

:smiley: Thanks, everyone! It certainly is a quick knit, one in which you can add lots of variety, I’m sure I’ll use it again for my gd :smiley: I am almost done with the Short Snort tank, too…waiting for additional yarn. So, I’m going to cast on for a halter for Allysa similar to Knitty’s Katja while I’m waiting for the arrival of Wick yarn :smiley:

TOTALLY gorgeous - you speed knit like a demon!

I like it. Very gorgeous colors! :slight_smile:

rebecca! I love that top! So pretty :thumbsup:

Thanks, thanks, thanks so much :smiley:
LOL, mulene, it’s not that I knit fast…it’s that I’m knitting small things :wink: