Another Irish Hiking Scarf WIP

I’ve just started the Irish Hiking Scarf. This is my first go at cables and I’m loving it:inlove: So easy and so fun, and it looks fantastic:cheering:

I’m using Malabrigo Chunky in Pink Frost. This is the first time I have used Malabrigo and I completely understand why people are in love with it. I don’t know how I am going to go back to knitting with other wool now:roflhard:

Anyway, here is my scarf (started last night)…


Lovely…cables are fun once you are into the rhythm of doing them :slight_smile:

Lovely…reminds me that I really need to make this scarf!

That’s looking great! :cheering:

Very nice!

Very pretty-and PINK!!!


I’m not normally a fan of pink, but this scarf is great.

Looks great and I love the pink!

It’s so pretty!! I :heart: it!! I haven’t tried cables yet, but your scarf inspires me to try!


Beautiful! I bought some yarn today to start my first one too.

Pretty! I think I may put this in my ever growing list!

Thanks everyone:hug: I actually have two pink scarfs OTN at the moment! but this one is definately my favourite with both the colour and wool (I mean, C’mon, it IS Malabrigo afterall:roflhard:)


Me too!

I love the yarn you’re using!

great cables and LOVELY color! Can’t wait to order some Malabrigo…

Looks great! :cheering:

And also familiar as I knit the same scarf using the same yarn (except I don’t think mine was chunky, but it is the same color): My Irish Hiking Scarf

What qualities do you like best about the yarn? I keep hearing abou it…but have never touched any…am wondering if I need to get some!

Where is the pattern for the Irish scarf? Is it a free online pattern? Seems to me I saw it somewhere…but I couldn’t find the link nor the pattern on my computer!


Malabrigo is just incredibly soft. You truly do have to get some and feel it for yourself. I love wearing my scarf. When I bought some more Malabrigo at a yarn store, the woman at the counter asked if she could touch it. Usually I don’t want people fondling my yarn, but I completely understood the compulsion to touch the Malabrigo and let her.

Here’s the pattern for the Irish Hiking Scarf.

I’m enjoying making my first one and loving it. I started it for my husband’s aunt, but I’m thinking starting another one for her. I thought it would be nice to double the size and do it in the round so the cables are always visible. Has anyone ever done that?