Another interchangeable needle question

I know there are a ton of threads about interchangeable needles, but there were actually SO many that I’m having trouble finding the info that I need …

1st, it seems like the denise and options are the most popular. I’m leaning towards the options because I like using metal needles - is this a good lean?

2nd, as far as options, are the nickel plated and harmony equally as ‘luxurious’ (as amy put it) and slick?

3rd, can you do projects that require DPNs with these interchangeable sets?


I agree about the long confusing thread…Who’s gonna spend days reading it all…I absolutely love my nickle plated interchangables from knitpicks. They are so smooth and easy to use.

i WISH i HAD KNOWN ABOUT THESE WHEN i FIRST STARTED KNITTING… sizes 5-15 can buy 17 & 19 tips too…
it would have saved me lots of $$$$… they travel well too.
I had one cable that had worn from use and they replaced it for free!!! Customer service is amazing :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

I prefer the nickel Options, but it’s a personal choice thing really.

And yes, anything you can do with DPNs can be done using circs. For small diameter stuff you use Magic Loop or two circs.

Can’t comment on the harmony needles as I haven’t tried them.