Another icord question

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find the answer in a search.

I am currently knitting a bag which will be felted. My pattern says “Using size 11 needles, CO four sts and knit a 70” cord". It doesn’t say anything about not turning the needle around at the end of the row, but in the picture of the bag the cord looks round.

I am wondering whether to follow the instructions exactly or whether to slide the stitches along the needle like in the video on this site. Could someone explain what the difference in appearance would be?


I think they’re assuming you already know how to make an i-cord. They’re not giving instructions for how to make one, just telling you to do it. I would do a regular i-cord. If you knit it flat, you’ll end up with a flat strap.

Thanks Abbily, I will do an i-cord as you suggest, it’s going to look better.