Another hurt book sale

Even though getting through was a pain last time–they did have some good deals. Here’s the link for the one coming up from Interweave Knits

ooooooooh nooooooo this will kill me more than the knitpicks yarn sale will! visions of things to come though…it took almost the whole time i was typing this for the screen to come up! :rofling:

I keep having to tell myself “You need your money for college. How are you going to wash anything without any quarters?”
…But if I don’t knit anything, what will I have to wash? EH?! OO, the genius of it!

aaah yes…and i need to save money to buy a house but what is the point if i don’t have books to put in the house? :rofling:

:roflhard: :rofling:

So do we have to wait until the book sale offically starts to order? I didn’t see a way to order at the site? I never knew they had this “hurt book” sale. Thanks for the information. :smiley:

yup have to wait until the official start of the sale. be prepared for sloooooooooow connections to their site. many of us gave up last time and waited until much later because it was so slow. (seriously we could watch the leaves turn it was THAT slow…aaaah but the deals we got! :thumbsup: )

Darnit!! Why do all the sales happen when we are broke!!!??? :crying: And there’s a few books I want, too!

:shock: OMG

Oh my, now I’ve got to break in to my super, super secret madd money stash. :?? , :thinking: , now then, where did I hide that money? :thinking: , :??

I REALLY hope they’ve done something between then & now about the SLOOOWWWWWW connection…

That would be a good thing!! It was awful last time.

I’ve already made out my list. :smiley: I have 5 must haves. eep.

Anyone have any opinion on A Dyer’s Garden? I already have and am currently reading A Weaver’s Garden - does anyone know if Dyer’s is significantly different? I’m really liking the info so far in Weaver’s.

How about Wrap Style? I’m torn about that one. I’m not much of a scarf person and yet I loved Scarf Style. I’m wondering if Wrap Style would be the same for me. I’m not a cape person. Would I be converted? I like the looks of most of the ones I can see at Knitpicks.

Thanks, Ingrid, for helping me blow my budget! Guess I won’t be getting any yarn from the Knitpicks sale. LOL I ordered Hip to Knit, Homespun Handknit and Yarns to Dye For. They were sold out of Socks, which I really wanted. Oh well, great prices anyway! Too bad I didn’t have any knitters in my family–they would make awesome gifts. Oh, and was the connection ever slow!! Took me almost an hour to complete and I already knew what books I wanted, so you have to be patient.

What did everyone else order?

ugh i forgot all about it! good thing cuz it is looking super slow again today and i don’t have time! hides credit card

Happy to be of service! :lol:

I’m glad I looked at their list ahead of time. I think I have all the books I could possibly need. I did try to get in, just to see, but it was taking so long. I just don’t have the patience today–I’ll free up a little ‘space’ for someone else.

Yes, thanks for posting it. I’m on their list, but I never got a notice about the sale - weird. I even bought books last time.

I got Domino Knitting, In Sheeps Clothing, Knitting on the Road, and Knitting Vintage Socks.

I feel very satiated now. All four have been on my watch list for some time. :happydance:

It is slow going, but I think it only took me 20 minutes starting at 10:10.


I’m such a dork! :doh:
I’m going through the books and thinking, “Dang, they have a lot of books by this Hurt person…I’ve never even heard of them.”


Seriously. :oops:


I completely forgot about the book sale, that is until I came on here! Boy was that a big mistake. I ended up ordering: Felted Knits, Hand Knits for the Home, Hip to Knit, Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, Dog in Knits and Knitter’s Companion. It’s not like I really needed these books, but it will make my new knitting corner look pretty.