Another hoodie

This is the yarn I used. It is super soft and easy to work with it.

Before I sew…


Please tell me what you think.

I think it’s very cute :inlove: And the color of the yarn is pretty. Did you use a particular pattern? And what brand is the yarn?

Very nice hoodie . You chose a lovely colour :slight_smile:

So cute and the buttons give it extra pizzazz.

Cute! Who is it for?

I think it is lovely. That yarn gives a fuzzy look. Very cozy.

Love it. And the color is great. My favorite color!

That’s adorable!! I love the color, and it looks soooo soft!

Really nice work!


That’s cute! Sent you a PM

Awww, it is just LOVERLY! Such great work!!!

Very, Very cute. The butterfly buttons are inspired! The color is beautiful. Some little girl will feel very special and proud when she wears this.

That’s cute. XD

:happydance: Great job!! Very cute!

Very cute and I love the color!

That is so adorable and I really appreciated seeing the whole process. It turned out just perfect.

Thank you all for your nice words. :muah:

I don’t use any pattern. All I had was the size of a little girl.

I bought this yarn in a local store in Romania.

Very nice! Thank you for showing us all the steps.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]So Sweet… gorgeous, in fact…!
Thanks for showing it’s progress. So nice to see the pieces before they are put together.
:knitting: [/COLOR]