(another) help pattern request

Hi all in this beautiful and useful forum!

I’m new to the forum and to the knitting world :oo:
While I have no probls in decifrating crochet instructions, I feel a bit frustrated reading some knits pattern…:doh:
I’ve completed my first projects with detailed pattern without problems, but know I’m lost.
I’ve already read some threads here about the matter, they seem to answer to my doubts… but I still can’t totally clarify my ideas :wall: ( I’m not english spoken )… and I want to win the challenge :evil:

So, I would appreciate help about this 2 lines:

—>dec 1 stitch every alternate 2nd and 4th row 4 times total then 1 stitch every 2nd row 6 times total(RS)

—>dec 1 stitch every 6th row for 6 times(WS)

I have understood from previous threads I have to consider as row1 the row with the first inc or dec.

So, for example…
the first line it’s saying should I inc or dec at rows 3,6,8,11 and then at 13,15,17,19,21,23 ?

And the second at rows 7,13,19,25,31,37 ?
Thanks for your support!
Have a good day!

Welcome to the forum!
You’re interpretation of the second line is perfect and the first line is very close.
For line one the decs would be on rows 3,7,9,13 and then 15,17,19,21 etc. (row 1 + 2, row 3 + 4, row 7 + 2, row 9 + 4)

Often, [I]but not always[/I], patterns call for all increases and decreases on odd or on even rows, but not on both. There are plenty of exceptions to this but usually it is so.

thank you salmonmac!

and now…going working on it! :knitting: :out: