Another hat

This one is MINE!!! Got it finished rather quickly too. Started Sat night and finished this morning at school. Now the asst principal wants one!!!:woohoo:
This one had 4ish inches of 2x2 rib and around 4 inches before I started decreasing…and just fiddled w/ the decreases till it was done :happydance:

Ignore the scary model i hate taking pics :pout:

I REALLY like the way your decrease looks:yay: :notworthy: …did you write it down? Crossed Fingers

ummmmmmmm I think it was cast one 20 per needle on 4 needles. 4 inches of 2x2 rib. 4 inches of knit…one each needle k2 k2t k12? k2t k2. I think there were 4 rows like that. When I got bunchy I alternated between the k2 k2t at ends and k2t in the middle of the row (ex the 1st row I did had 14 stiches and I knitted 7 & 8 together) once I got to 6 stiches on the needles (i think) it was k1 k2t k1 k2t k1. the next was k1 k2t k2t. then k1 k2t. then k2t. and then tied the mess off I think…:cheering: I membered!!! if it makes sense to anyone but me :x:

Looks great!

Very nice and clean looking! Unfussy! The yarn is beautiful!

Love it!! It turned out perfect!