Another hat question

Okay so I’ve finished hubby’s hat only it’s about a half inch too short. It fits perfectly but he wants it a tad longer, oy men.

So what do I do? Pick up and knit from the bottom? I tried that and the stitches are off just slightly. Or could I maybe just do a garter stitch on the bottom? It’s a knit one purl one pattern.

Or do I rip out the decreases and add the half inch onto that and then do the decreases again.

Please don’t say I have to do that last one… :pray:

Any ideas?

I imagine that if you knit garter around the bottom, the difference wouldn’t show. Or, to make it stretchier, you could do a couple of rows of garter and then continue the k1p1 pattern. :shrug:

Have you tried just blocking it longer?

You know I’ve never blocked anything before and it is 72% merino, 14% cashmere, 14% nylon. Can I still block that?