Another hat - part 2

I decided to make another hat to go in the package w/ the other 2 hats that I knitted for Afghanistan.
Yes, you saw that right-- homespun acrylic mixed w/ some blue really cheap mohair yarn-- but, now it’s a warm wool hat!

I like how just adding the ‘mohair’ makes it a nice tweedy hat.

:thumbsup: Looks great and very warm!!

Nice! I like that color!


I have decided that I’ll use this blue mohair until it runs out-- I’ve already used it on two hats and it looks like there is enough yarn left for a couple more hats.

And, it’s an easy way to make acrylic yarn become a warm wool hat.

Yes, the texture turned out very nice. It has a “hazy” look. I love i-cords sticking up on the top of hats. :slight_smile:

Looks good! I like the “halo” effect.

Very cool idea!:wink: or should I say warm…:roflhard:


P.S. very tired knitter!

Thank you ! Thank you!! :muah:

It’s very pretty with the two yarns together. Very nice!