Another good thing about KP Harmony

Not only are they gorgeous, quiet, and great for slippery projects, but I flew from the US to Italy and back with my palindrome scarf OTN in my carry-on. No one batted an eye. :woohoo::woot:

I have successfully flown many times domestically with my KP options, but I had heard that international flights could pose more of a problem.

A colleague traveling with me had to give up a silver hair stick that was much smaller than my needles. They would have taken my metal options for sure.


Good to know. Yet another reason to mention these frequently to my husband before Christmas.

Yay! I’m particularly happy that you were knitting a [I]Palindrome[/I]. :cheering:

I completely frogged my IHS to make a palindrome instead. I’ll post a picture in the KAL soon, once I make a little more progress.
Thanks, Kristin, you are such an inspiration!