Another Gauge Question

I’m just starting a baby sweater (vestee from It calls for 5 sts per inch using #7 needles. I’m getting 4.5 sts per inch using #6 needles. I don’t want to go down in needle size b/c I don’t want the sweater to be too stiff. Is my gauge close enough, or do I need to adjust the pattern? Thanks!

Short answer: do the math and see how many inches off it’ll be.

As it’s a baby sweater, and thus pretty small, I really don’t think a half stitch/inch will really make that much difference.

Also, if you drop a needle size it won’t make much (if any) difference in stiffness.

Your yarn may be too bulky for this project. Do a 4" swatch to see. Or you can adjust the pattern and make it for a larger baby!

Over the number of inches for a baby sweater it shouldnt be to much of an issue but if you want to do the maths to figure it out have a look at this guide to gauge.
As mason said dropping a needle size may not be a problem either, unless you have already tried and know that it comes out too dense.