Another gauge question

First of all Hi everyone. Nice to find a LOT of folks to talk to about knitting and problems and just…knitting :slight_smile:

My question is about a Baby Roll Hat that I’m working on for a friend. I have a yarn that I love and it’s gauged for US 9s and 4sts per inch. The project is gauged for 5sts per inch and I’m using US 7s.

I did a swatch and got 10 stitches per inch so I multiplied the cast on by 2. Did I do it right? It looks big for a baby’s head. (not to mention that I wound up twisting the cast on stitches somewhere and have to start all over again because of a lovely twist in the work.

This is a picture of what I have/had since I have to start over again, I thought I’d at least let folks see what happens when you’re not careful in making sure that things aren’t twisted. (although the picture doesn’t seem to want to work for me now)

hiya shadow,
Instead of doubling your cast on amount try just doubling the yarn itself. Sounds like you are using a sport weight or dk weight instead of the worsted it’s calling for.:thumbsup:

Thank you! Um…since I’m a newbie here…I feel slightly embarrased but what exactly is doubling the yarn, and how do you do it?

Once I figure out how to get the pictures working here I’ll be sure and post the finished baby beanie (because I think that the yarn is really pretty and it should be really cute)

10 sts per inch seems really off. Did you count both legs of the V as 1 stitch or 2?

The yarn you’re using should be similar to what’s called for in the pattern so you shouldn’t need to double it. Just try casting on what’s called for in the pattern and see how it looks after a couple inches.

I may be doing this wrong, but I was counting the “loops” on top of the needle as one stitch. The yarn is VERY spongy actually, very stretchy and I was trying to be rather loose with the knitting. The pattern only says :Gauge 5sts=1" Yarn 150 yrds light worsterd weight. Needles 16" circular and double pointed 7.

Here’s a link to the yarn.’s Universal “Pebbles” #22. Now I’m more confused because on the yarn it says 4st per inch US9 but the website says 4-5 st per inch. Sigh…more beginners luck lol!

Thank you all for the help though. I’ll try just casting on as recommended and see what happenes.

oooooooooooooo ok, Now I get what happened.
Yeah you would need to knit a swatch first (about 5" by 5") don’t cut the yarn from the ball or skein but measure the little square in the middle not by the needle because then it’s either all bunched up or all spread out. You won’t get an accurate gauge that way. When you are done measuring your swatch, frog it (rip-it out) and rewind the yarn and THEN go for it.
O yeah, and doubling the yarn just means that you knit two strands of the same yarn as one strand.

Another thing I have learned is that the needle size on the ball isn’t necessarily the only needle size you can use with a particular yarn. It’s just the basic needle recommended by the manufacturer. Usually a designer will use a needle size that she has determined is best for her design. You can use the needle size on the ball to figure out the weight of the yarn though.
1-3 is usually fingering or sock weight

3-5 is usually sport or dk weight

sometimes dk can even be taken up to a size 7

7-9 is usually a worsted or aran weight yarn

anything larger is bulky, superbulky, chunky and novelty stuff.

But if you want to accurately find the gauge of the design you should really make a swatch. The pattern will usually tell you if it’s on stockinette stitch (knit’s on one side, purls on the other)
or if it’s in the pattern stitch. Do what the pattern calls for.:thumbsup:

You are a life saver!! Thank you!! I loved this yarn and really wanted to use it for her baby’s hat because it’s so soft (and pretty). This makes a LOT more sense now. The joys of being new to knitting lol! The pattern is all in stockinette.

I had made a beanie before this and it worked because I was using the right yarn with the pattern I had for that beanie (from Charmed Knits…a Harry Potter knitting pattern book!), so I figured this would be a walk in the park.

Thank you again for all the help everyone! Can’t wait to finish this project and get started on her blanket. For now, it’s time to undo this and start over again.

Another thing I have learned is that the needle size on the ball isn’t necessarily the only needle size you can use with a particular yarn. It’s just the basic needle recommended by the manufacturer.

The needle size on the label is not there because it’s `recommended’ that you use by the manufacturer. The gauge on the label is to indicate which yarn weight range it falls in and is somewhat useful to compare yarns from different manufacturers. You can definitely use a larger or smaller needle with any yarn.

Just go ahead and knit the pattern as written; I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn out just about right.

Thank you both a lot. The one thing I have noticed about the knitting community is that knitters are some of the nices folks. All the advice is [B]greatly[/B] apprecaited!