Another gauge question. ie Row Gauge

I have just knit, washed, flat dried and blocked my swatch. I am getting 23st=10cm (as pattern suggests) but I have 34 rows=10cm (the pattern lists 30 rows=10cm. Needle size 5 US (as suggested by pattern)

I am using Sublime Soya (cotton/bamboo blend) for my sweater.

The sweater is for Georgie and is knit in stockinette.

My question is do I need to reswatch with a smaller needle to get the row gauge?

Thank you for your help. I love that I can always come to KH for advice anytime day or night.:muah:

It is more important to adjust gauge to stitches per inch. Since your gauge for that is correct, I’d stay with the needle size you have. On the rows, alot of pattern say work for so many inches. You just adjust the number of rows you work.