Another French Girl Sweater

Yet another French Girl “Fantine” cropped sweater for a friend. I am, however, just about finished with an Interweave Knits sweater for me! Will post soon. This “Fantine” is done with Rowan Big Wool.
Susan the Sop in NC

That is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been eying those French Girl patterns for awhile now. I wish I could just swoop into your photo and grab that sweater. It looks so snuggly.

very nice :thumbsup:

super cute! btw, i love the corgi in your avatar

Looks great . Job well done ! :slight_smile:

Thanks! The corgi is our wild man!! Name is Dunvegan (after the castle on the Isle of Skye) and called Dunny for short (and he is!!!). High maintenance but we love him a lot!

:happydance: very cute!!

That looks great!