Another FO - Unoriginal Hat

I finished up a cabled hat today. Originally meant for me but ended up fitting my daugher, Isabella better :slight_smile:

Details & pics are on my blog

awww too bad on the small hat but it looks adorable on your daughter! she looks just like you!

I think it looks great and your daughter is so cute! :slight_smile:

I think your hat is cute and your daughter is adorable.

It turned out really cute and your daughter is obviously enjoying it! Pretty colors. You daughter is adorable!

Cute… I love the blue yarn that you used.

aww she is to cute!! It looks great :thumbsup:

What a cute hat!!! And she makes it even cutier!!!

I like it! Thanks for sharing! I love thick yarns for hats!

Looks good even if it is too small. I’m worried now though because I am knitting the same hat on 10.5s. Hope it fits! And mine is pink so I won’t be giving it my son. :teehee:

well poopie. Mine is a bit too small too :pout:. I really love the yarn I used and the pattern, so I will be doing it again on bigger needles (which I don’t own). I may add a bit of ribbing (an inch or so) before I start the pattern too.

I feel your pain. My nephew now has an adorable Unoriginal hat in Ravenclaw (book) colors. sniffle Oh well. He loves it. :slight_smile:

Well that sucks that it came out to small. The second one I knit, I still used my 10.5s but cast on 70 instead of 56 (basically adding an extra 14 stitch panel) and I started with rows 13-16 before before doing 1-16 twice. This produced the perfect sized hat :slight_smile: HTH

Good to know. I am trying to add some ribbing to this one, but I will definitely try again using your method.

Cute hat. Adorable daughter!

Wonderful- A work of Art!!! (Looks a LOT better than my hat! Lol!) :teehee: