Another fo-non knit needle case

I got a weird inner message one day… “I need to make a needle holder” I didn’t know what needles it would be for, but I was sure I needed one and I needed to make it. so this is what appeared 2 hrs later from the sewing machine…

Turns out the dpns that I bought from Carol in OH fit PERFECT! :heart:
And here it is all rolled up with the pretty ribbon

As you can see in the top photo, my cat likes the dpns :!!!:

OOooooooo!!! :inlove: That is awesome! Does it have a flap to cover the needles on the top? I NEED one!

no, in hindsight a flap would have been good, but I was just going on a whim… just used some scrap fabric from a bag I made someone…

Rolling them up might keep them tight enough they won’t come out anyway. I’ll have to see what I can come up with…even though I hate to sew anymore. I need one as my dog likes to eat them. :wall:

I like to sew every once in a while now… I forgot how much more instant gratification it can be… my grandma taught me to sew when I was very little so it somes more natural to me as in just whipping up something, like some knitters seem to do. But she recently found out that I knit and has been passing on all of her patterns that she doesn’t use anymore and wants to do a family/women knit along with beer and yarn. How I say HOW could you deny your grandma beer and yarn??? :roflhard:

Wonderful!!! I love the fabric!!!

I’m trying to figure out how to make one of those too with the flap! I’m new to sewing, so designing something on my own is tough…that and the interfacing was too thick and messed up my side seams! :doh: Nice to know it can be done though!

That’s very pretty!

I was just researching ways to store my DPNs, and when I saw this and another picture of something similar on the forums, I immediately pulled out my extremely limited supply of fabric and came up with my own. It’s not quite as beautiful as yours, but it does the trick :wink:

Great job!!! :heart: :cheering:

Wow! That’s gorgeous! What is the fabric? Looks like an embroidered satin, but I can’t tell for sure…

Thanks guys! The fabric is a velvety kind of with embroidered flowers. Joanne’s had it in every color and I bought yards of it all and made a ton of bags and I just had this left over. I didn’t use interfacing as I hate interfacing :wall: it always messes up my seams. I just doubled the fabric and sewed a seam so that it was the same velvety on the outside and inside. I sewed a piece of fabric just as long but less wide on the inside and them just stitched up the inside pockets to the right size that I wanted for the dpns to fit. not complicated at all :heart:

very nice. I’ve been wanting one of those but haven’t gotten the courage to try to make one yet. My SIL sews and so does my MIL and I’ve hinted several times but never gotten one…:frowning: Yours looks great–makes me want to drag out my mini-mending singer and see if I can’t figure out how to make one.

My mom taught me to sew when I was 10 so I can come up with things on my own, too. I just got tired of it…having the sewing machine up and all the pattern pieces, threads, fabric, etc. I’d rather knit now where I can stick everything in a bag and put it away. Well most of it anyway. :teehee:

That’s gorgeous! My daughter made something similar for me for xmas and I am starting to wonder how I ever got along without it.

That is great! I really need to make a dpn case, did you have a pattern or did you just eyeball it?

Love the fabric!