Another FO - Branching Out Scarf

Yes, I’ve been busy…obviously enjoying my time off from school.

I made this for a friend. Some of you may remember that I made this scarf last year. Be careful when you show off your stuff. My friend just loved it and wanted me to make her one with the extra skein of yarn I had purchased. Since she made my daughter a soccer scrapbook for her birthday, I thought it was only fair.

[B]Here [/B]is the pattern. The yarn I used was Elsebeth Lavold, silky wool, and the color is Moss (as recommended by the pattern).

My friend wants to use the scarf as a table runner, so I made it 40", per her request. It seemed a little short when I cast off, but when I gave it to her today, and she put it on her table, it was perfect.

Thanks for looking! :muah:



Wow, you really have been busy. I love the branching out scarf and what a great idea to use it as a table runner. Must try that! You did a lovely job on it.

Looks fabulous! I’m going to make one for my mother, hope it turns out as great as yours!

Very nice!!! :yay:It’s pretty! :slight_smile:

I really like that, and using it for a table runner is pure genius.

What a good friend you are!

It looks absolutely perfect! :yay:

Looks lovely!

It’s gorgeous!!! That pattern is on my to do list too!

Thanks, y’all! For those of you contemplating it but are intimidated, go for it! The first repeat is not super easy, but once you get a feel for the pattern, it absolutely flies!

WONDERFUL WORK! :yay: Love the yarn, too!


:muah: gorgeous!! I have some of this yarn in my stash, different color though!

:passedout: very pretty!!!

What color? Whatever you use, it would be beautiful! Someone on Ravelry is making it in the same yarn…but in red. It’s turning out just GORGEOUS!

That’s really nice! I’ve seen this pattern before and think it’s just beautiful!

:inlove: That’s very pretty!

i absolutely LOVE that scarf. i copied the pattern and may just do it next, instead of what i was planning on starting tonight. Thanks and you did a beautiful job.

What nice comments! It’s so neat to be someone’s inspiration! Please let me know if you have any questions! I just love this scarf!

Wow, that’s pretty!

How pretty!! Your friend is very lucky!!
Thanks for sharing…