another FO, another blanket...

promise i’m not only working on blankets… but they’re all i seem to be finishing lately! :wink:

this one got mailed off today to my cousin mona… she’s dealing with a recurrence of cancer with some metastases. she’s in treatment, but it’s… iffy. so i wanted to have another handmade hug.

pattern is Quilt and Cable Blanket by Cambria Washington: Knitware & Patterns

yarn used is just basic wash-and-go caron jumbo in ‘PEACOCK VARIEGATE’ as it’s got all her favorite colors

it was… a slog. 40 row repeat and it’s almost all 2x2 rib. and it got heavy. and unweildy, as blankets often do. but in the end i really love it, and it washed, blocked, beatifully, all kinds of drape and squish. if i did it again, it’s another one where i’d likely knit in the round and steek… and i might even do beads or jewelry rings instead of the wraps that pinch the cables in.

happy knitting everyone!

cheers, 'topher :wink:

145066559_3998500283527844_5567274009357236419_n 145660922_3998500706861135_2175799950856171994_n 145703454_3998499936861212_8754866179074750177_n 145709337_3998500170194522_1885939014257616424_n 145801700_3998500466861159_9128563716582614978_n 146030692_3998500616861144_2167363558621479416_n 146052545_3998500076861198_4125000629553555182_n 146143544_3998500810194458_3264325896993266875_n


Oh boy! Oh my! You are truly skilled. And patient!
Beautiful colours too.

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Love the colours - beautiful! And the doggie in the pics! :blush:

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So well done, X! The yarn works perfectly with the blanket pattern. Worth all your effort.

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That’s gorgeous! My favorite colors too! I’m struggling with finishing blanket yarn afghans which are way, way less work than that!

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Thanks to all for the kudos! :heart:. Legend sends his thanks too… :dog:



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Absolutely lovely. What a gift

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