Another flat to in-the-round question

There’s 12 rows in the pattern. What I have a question about is the faggoting section of the pattern. The pattern done in flat:

Row 1 (RS): K8, [yo, P2tog, K7] K1
Row 2 (WS): P8, [yo, P2tog, P7] P1

I’m assuming so far that in-the-round it’d be:

Row 1: K8, [yo, P2tog, K7] K1
Row 2: P8, [K2tog, yo, P7] P1

But K2tog in row 2 doesn’t seem to look right. Am I supposed to do P2tog on row 2 as well? That doesn’t look quite right either…

This is probably really obvious, but maybe I just need some sleep…

That’s right, p2tog looks like a k2tog on the RS. But you have to start at the end of row 2 to reverse the st order as well as the sts, so it would read - K1, [k7, yo, k2tog] k8

Ah ha! I forgot about the end-first thing! Thanks Sue!