Another felting question.....or should i say QUESTIONS

if a pattern says to check the bag a few times throughout felting, do you stop the washer, take out the pillowcase and check it, or do you let the washer go. what if the water is too hot for me to reach in and get the pillowcase??? what if my hands get burnt off? what if my stopping the washer interrupts the felting process and ruins my bag forever??? im nervous. another question, do you have to put it in a zippered pillowcase or a regular one??? why does it have to be in a pillowcase anyways??? HEEELLLLLLPPP MEEEEEEE!!!

Yes, you stop the washer and check it. I use a long, wooden handled spoon to reach in and get it. You still get your hand hot handling the purse, but not as bad as if you’d reached into the water.

It doesn’t have to be in a pillow case, but it controls the fuzzy fibers that might shed and clog.

As far as stopping the felting process - it’s not that mysterious. You can’t hurt anything by stopping too soon, but if you go farther than you want in the process, you can’t undo it. If the item isn’t felted enough, stick it back in and agitate more. :thumbsup:

First of all, hot water heaters can produce water hot enough to actually burn you; you are right to be cautious. If you live in a house and have access to your hot water heater, make sure it is under 120 degrees Fahrenheit or about 48 Celsius (I’m not sure what country you live in). If the water heater is below this temp, you can feel safe reaching in - it might be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t cause scalding. If you don’t have access to your water heater, I’d recommend you at least wear those thick rubber dish gloves or maybe use salad tongs to pull your item out of the water.

A securely closed pillowcase is highly recommended if you value your washing machine. All the stuff I’ve felted has shed profusely. The fuzz can, after repeated feltings, accumulate and damage your machine’s water pump. I’ve seen photos - it’s not pretty. One or two felting sessions without a case is probably not going to kill your washer, but a washer is an expensive item and a pillowcase costs $2.00. Better safe than sorry, right?

A zippered case is preferred over a regular one because it can be really hard to undo a knot from a hot, wet pillowcase!!

Sorry for such a long post. Felting can be scary if you’ve never tried it…it seems like such a strange process. But once you see it happening “BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES!!!” :shock: you will think it is sooooo cool and will want to do it again and again!

Also forgot to mention…I haven’t been using a pillowcase. I’ve been using a lingerie bag and it seems to work fine, too.

oh, well i do have a zippered pillowcase on my bed right now. and i dont want to have to spend my christmas money on the washing machine. :wink: