Another dumb question from me

I was watching the videos, just to get an idea of the different increases and decreases (so when I look at patterns I won’t get freaked out by the abbreviations, LOL!). All was going pretty well, until I got to one where it said to slip a stitch “knitwise”… what is the difference between slipping a stitch “knitwise” and “purlwise”? I got into trouble with a kid’s sweater that I was making because someone told me to make sure and do the decreases “knitwise”, so I ended up with 2 rows of stockinette in the midst of solid garter stitch on the sleeves. (It’s up near the shoulder area, so I’m not freaking about it - it’s for the kid to wear to football games in the fall, so I figure I might come up with some brilliant idea to work the gold color in those two rows…just don’t know what yet. Any suggestions?)

As you can tell, this subject never came up in my “learn to knit” class over 20 years ago; so if anyone can clear it up for me I’d appreciate it.


Knitwise means you put your needle in as if you are going to knit, but just slip it. The needle goes in from left to right.

Purlwise means to put your needle in as if you are going to purl, from right to left.

I’m not quite sure what happened with your sweater, though. :thinking:

Well, I’m guessing that when I started the binding off the “purlwise” row, I continued to purl…but then again, who knows? Stumped me, too. :rollseyes:

Still, she’s 4, it’s to keep warm at football games, so why freak out over it?

Thanks for the explanation!!!