Another DPN question

I tucked this question into another thread about DPN’s … but think it really needs to live here …

It seems that most of the DPN brands stop at size 10.5. When I’m working on a hat using size #13 needles – I do this awkward thing when doing the decrease: I use 3 of the size 10.5’s and then use the circ size 13 as my working needle. I am forever sliding stitches on and off of the size 13 needle to have it available for the next set of stitches.

Man … I just reread what I wrote and NO WONDER no one answered me the first time. I can hardly understand meself! :??

If anyone understands my question – is there a better way to do this? :thinking: Thanks.


Larger DPNs do exist, but you may have to order them. Here’s a link:

Sounds like you came up with a creative way to get around the problem! You could also try knitting the smaller circumference on two circulars (there’s a video on this site on how to do this) I like knitting small circumferences this way and you can find size 13 and larger circulars pretty easily. HTH!

Thanks, Ella … I have no idea why I had such a problem finding the larger DPN’s originally. Even my LYS doesn’t carry them.

[size=2]:::off to shop online. Hmmm, maybe I need to order more things to make the shipping cost worthwhile. How ya like THAT rationale!?:::[/size]


Also, you can make your own dpn’s out of dowels, following the instructions in Amy’s video’s. It takes a little elbow grease, but isn’t at all difficult. :smiley:

I had the same problem with bigger dpns for the Skacel ad sweater project I’m working on. I ended up finding size 11 {8.00 mm}, size 13 {9.00mm}, and size 15 {10.00 mm} in sets of 5 at my local Lewiscraft. The also had 7.00 mm dpns, but I didn’t buy them. I know this is a Canadian company, but the brand on the needles is Susan Bates, so maybe try Michael’s? I also saw some in 8.00 mm by Unique in sets of 4.